What is a Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography ?

Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography (DSE) is a test that will allow your cardiologist (heart specialist) to assess the function of your heart and whether it receives an adequate blood supply under stress. It can be used to diagnose or assess coronary artery disease. It is also useful in assessing whether certain parts of the heart are permanently damaged after a heart attack or whether some recovery is possible. The test involves performing an echocardiogram (heart scan) and giving a drug into a vein (dobutamine) that mimics the effects of exercise on the heart. A DSE is helpful in evaluating existing coronary artery disease. It is often used on patients who cannot perform a treadmill test due to arthritis or other physical limitations. It is also useful when the results of the treadmill test do not give us the answers we need.

How do I arrange for a dobutamine stress echocardiography?

You can arrange for a dobutamine stress echocardiography through our cardiologists, for more details please call (03) 9898 3366